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Ship operators usually employ several seafarers in different job positions to effectively run a sea vessel. Today a seafaring vessel is run with the help of advanced technologies which require effective management and proper maintenance to work. Each seafaring operative holds unique tasks and responsibilities which they must uphold at all times. Engineers on board a ship are responsible for machinery. A ship usually has too many complex units cramped up in a small space which require technical proficiency to be operated. An engineer looks after the propulsion system, engine, devices used for discharging and loading, electric power supply, fresh water generators and garbage incineration. 

The engineering department in a seafaring vessel is headed by the Chief Engineer whose work is to overlook the overall functioning of the ship's machinery. Following him, is the Second or First Assistant Engineer, and right after him comes the Third or Second Assistant Engineer. 

The marine engineer class 3 jobs involve looking into the smooth operations of the auxiliary engines, boilers, fuel, condensate and feed systems. The Third Engineer drillship or naval vessel job requires the assigned candidate to have proper licence and certificate claiming his proficiency. 

If a 3rd class power engineer holds a valid PIC endorsement (Person in Charge) for operations including fuel transfer, then the said officer is considered responsible for all fuelling jobs on the sea vessel. The jobs also differ somewhat depending on the resource used to run the ship. In case the ship operates on steam propulsion plants, the Third Engineer handles combustion control, boilers, condensate and feed pumps, soot blowers and fuel. For ships which run on gas and diesel, the Third Engineer needs to manage the auxiliary engines and boilers, air compressors, incinerators and fuel oil purifiers. 

The 3rd engineer salary has to be quite high considering the fact that a third class power engineer has to face a lot of hardships on the merchant or naval vessel. The 3rd engineer jobs at sea can be very demanding, and officers are often gone on missions that last for a long time. They also have to work in dangerous conditions which could turn out to be medically challenging. This is why 3rd engineers get well paid for all the work that they do, and along with their basic salary they get extra wages when they have to report for duties for an extensive period of time.

Work during the weekends and holidays will yield overtime pay and other additional benefits. Usually, a 3rd engineer receives a general salary of $40,000- $55,000 per annum. Some of the more lucrative companies might offer medical insurance for the crew and family as well, and sometimes the meal (during seafaring period) is free. 

The 3rd engineer vacancy positions are not always very hard to come by. Many companies belonging to the private or public sector are always looking for professional crew to hire for their seafaring expeditions, and they often post job offers online on different websites. There is also a huge demand for 3rd engineer offshore job positions, especially for cruise ships and cargo. There are sites which list vacancies on 3rd engineer dp vessel. 

Officers looking for 3rd Engineer Vacancy positions can either go job hunting on these sites where reputed recruiters post new employment opportunities, or they can sign up and create their own profile and list their skills. They can add their certifications and job experience, and any recruiter who might be interested can contact them. However, it is important to trust the right agency to find a new job, and applicants should do the necessary research work before making their move. 

No matter what type of expectations a 3rd engineer might have, there are plenty of jobs available in passenger and cruise ships, tankers, cargo and container vessels. 

3rd engineer jobs are really very taxing. But they are well paid with more benefits provided by reputed companies. A 3rd engineer officer needs to work for a long period of time on sea, away from family and friends, but the job rewards and perks are substantially higher than elsewhere for this very reason. Also, 3rd Engineers are extremely important members of the maritime crew, because their knowledge regarding the ship's machinery is absolutely indispensable.