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A 4th engineer jobs is the first promotion someone in the engine room makes. Consequently, the staffer receives a wide range of responsibilities. On board of a cadetship, 4th engineers are trained accordingly. Later, they need to implement all what they’ve learned during their school years. Some say that 4th engineers are being extensively ‘trained-on-the-job’ on board. But in general, each engineer needs to keep up with lots of changes throughout his career, since machinery differs from ship to ship.

In order to fully understand the job description of 4th engineer, one needs to have a clear idea about the machines that have to be dealt with. Every 4th engineer works with a range of machinery. He needs to be an expert with compressors, pumps, purifiers and more, but the number one task of a 4th engineer is to take care of bunkers. This involves lots of pre-planning. Together with the Chief Engineer, the 4th engineer is responsible for ensuring smooth bunker operations.

Before applying on a 4th engineer job ad, it’s important to check the requirements and what kind of machines one is supposed to work with. A fourth engineer vacancy often states that the applicant should be able to work with a purifier and be familiar with its functioning.

There’s no ship with an engine room with pumps on which a 4th engineer abstains from performing maintenance tasks. In general, oil or bunkers on board of a ship are not in a readily working condition. There are many different kinds of impurities, such as dirt, water and more. The main engine or auxiliary machinery simply cannot be filled with this substance. The oil 4th engineers work with purifiers, in order to refine these systems.

When it comes to 4th engineer merchant navy jobs, a candidate needs to be able to operate various pump systems (screw, centrifugal, reciprocating and gear). These pumps use centrifugal forces to eliminate contaminants and other dirty liquids, which are present in heavy fuel. In most cases, a 4th engineer uses and takes care of each one of them. 

According to industry experts, fourth engineer jobs are getting extremely popular in the industry. The salary of fourth engineer in merchant navy depends on a wide range of factors - experience, training and education. In order to further your career, you can acquire several certifications and accreditation. In order to make a well-informed choice, you should conduct some research and look for a reputed employer.