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For those who are considering a job as cruise ship chef there’s a wide range of options. Following are some common cruise ship chef jobs and the descriptions of their duties.

The features of each job depend on training and experience. Culinary experience at many different cooking venues gives a candidate an excellent background for the job. On the basis of the CV one may have to start at an entry-level position on a cruise ship.

The Executive Chef is responsible for the preparation of all the meals on the ship. In order to become an executive chef, one needs 4-5 years of work experience in a four or five star restaurant, next to a professional, culinary training. An executive chef plans the menus and manages the galley staff. In addition, he works with the ship’s food and manager to manage the costs.

The executive chef looks after the cold as well as the hot galley. It’s rather important to take in that the hot galley focuses on all kinds of cooking, particularly fresh foods. On the other hand, the cold galley focuses on buffets and pastry. The Chef monitors the safe and proper handling of food, and makes sure that the kitchen staff is well-trained in conducting various sanitary regulations.

It’s worth mentioning that an executive cook supervises the service of meals of formal dining rooms, buffets and casual restaurants. An executive chef’s salary varies somewhere from US $4,500 to $8,000 per month. This depends on his maritime experience.

It’s worth mentioning that the sous-chef with the galley staff works, in order to make sure that meals are properly planned and well-prepared. He/she needs to be familiar with various advanced cooking techniques. This allows him/her to demonstrate preparation of food to the staff. A sous-chef may work under the direct supervision of a Chef.

Many cruise lines require their sous-chefs to have broad culinary training and extensive, maritime work experience. The candidate for this job must also have gone through different ship cook jobs. The average salary lies somewhere US $3,500 to $6,000.

The Chef De Partie prepares food aesthetically, in an appealing manner for buffets and meals. This professional works close together with the Sous-chef to make sure all meals are prepared well. He is responsible for assigning tasks to kitchen staff members. In order to become a Chef De Partie, one needs a vast work experience and a proper culinary training. The payment lies between US $3,000 to $5,000.

The first cook is responsible for overseeing other cooks. Together with the people working under his supervision this kitchen staff member prepares raw food like, gravies, salads, desserts, soups and casseroles. He reports to the Chef De Partie. A marine cook’s salary according to this profile ranges somewhere between US $ 2,000 to $2,500 per month.