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Within a standard liquid cargo transfer team a Pumpman is a rather important crew member. He’s mainly working in the mud pump room or at the drill floor; this varies per the occasion. His duty includes the checking liquid transfer pumps and keeping them operational, as well as separators, valves, strainers, stripping pumps, deck machinery, piping and all other equipment on the ship or at the port area. Other responsibilities of a Pumpman include the maintenance or repair of pumps, valves, packing glands, rods or stuffing tubes.

According to various Pumpman’s job descriptions this professional also plays a role in the drilling crew. He reports to both the Mud Engineer and Driller. In practice, most of the Pumpmen have been promoted from basic entry-level positions, such as floor hand, roughneck or roustabout. Next to a GED equivalent or high school diploma, it’s highly recommended to acquire CPR and a First Aid certification.

Occasionally, Pumpman job ads inform the applicants that they will have to work with rotating schedules. Nevertheless, a Pumpman makes 50-60 hours weekly. It’s worth mentioning that a job as Pumpman includes a good possibility into different directions, such as mechanical or engineering, or jobs as Driller or Derrickman.

A pumpman has to be alert and vigilant continuously. On of an oil tanker vessel or on an oil rig, he’s the person in-charge of all the pipelines. This responsibility requires that he will ensure to make all the drilled oil or cargo oil flows smoothly through the pipes. He’s also responsible for the collection of oil.

When a problem with waste materials occurs, or when dirt in the pipelines accumulates, the Pumpman needs to make sure that the residue material will be removed properly. He also needs to make sure that waste materials don’t cause any problems on the oil rig or oil tanker vessel. Since these tasks may be hazardous, a Pumpman salary is mostly quite high. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Pumpman has a rather important position in the oil rig’s engineering hierarchy. As per his duty, he’s required to be present on the rig all days of the week. However, the working hours may vary from 8-12 per day. This is why a Pumpman receives more than US $50,000 as basic salary. 

Compared to other merchant marine jobs, the Pumpman offshore job work schedule is put up for a rather extended period of time. The whole period can include several months per year; needless to say that this leads to additional payments. On the other hand, it’s important to report that this job profile doesn’t come with a lot of securities, a Pumpman might have to work under dangerous conditions.

In conclusion, an offshore Pumpman needs to be attentive, always. He has to make sure there’s no problem on the rig and everyone’s safe.