Seamensway is by far the best web portal for seafarers

Seamensway is by far the best web portal for seafarers, regardless of their membership of Nautilus International, the organization which represents 24,000 maritime professionals including ship masters (captains), officers, officer trainees (cadets) and shipping industry personnel, such as ship pilots, inland navigation workers, vessel traffic services operators, harbor masters, seafarers in the oil and gas industry, and shore-based staff. Seamensway has more seaman jobs that any other jobsite for seamen, like: seafarertimes, seamanonline or seamannews, while it leaves the last one far behind with its unique information.

Where does one find so much information about sailors as here at seamensway? There is literally no other online seaman agency that offers the same functionality as we do. From jobs for all kind of seafarers to an extensive city guide of the top cities being frequently visited by maritime officers and sailors, from the location of a vessel to need-to-have tools for maritime personal. The site also consists of a long list with recruiters. Another aspect which makes seamansway special, is the site’s availability in both the English as well as the Russian language. This means that every single recruiter the best of both worlds of seafarers’ CVs receives. One doesn’t any longer have to advertise at various sites, nor does one have to work with multiple crewing agencies, to find the right candidate for the job simply means posting a job opening here; that’s all what it takes.

The number one web portal for seafarers’ jobs is seaman's way. Here one finds lots of merchant seaman jobs, next to job offers for the offshore industry and for personal on oil rigs. All job offerings are coming from professional crewing agencies or derive directly from ship owners. If you happen to be in the market for a job on-board of a DP, bulk carrier, oil tanker, cruise ship and more, you should definitely register here for free. There's no catch!

On a daily basis seamen's way display thousands of seaman jobs online. It also gives a very good indication of a seaman salary per job posting. At seamensway every activity rotates around the professional life of officers and sailors. Many of our registered users have found a new job at our directory with seaman vacancies. Might you not have looked at the long list with shipping companies hiring seafarers, we advise you not to procrastinate. The bulk of the at any given moment job at sea vacancy is here published.

Under the recruiters label at seamansway one can find de crème-de-la-crème of the shipping companies hiring seamen. The majority of their seaman vacancies is vetted. However we cannot guarantee for all this information. Some of it is available through use of site-related services and has been derived from information, which is publicly available on the Internet. Seamansway cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of this information and such information is provided "as is."

The focus of a good seaman recruitment agency lies on people; various crewing companies ensure the right people for the right vessel. Seafarers are crucial to any shipping operation and the maritime agency job hiring includes extensive interviews and testing techniques to ensure that the best candidate is being recruited. For those that are successful, the agency works with each individual to understand their current and future aspirations and does all that it can to support the seafarer's career at sea.

Next to a huge seamen database the site runs third party seamen data. One special feature of seamansway is the vessel's location, maintained by ProStaff Curacao. This service doesn't only enable seafarers to track and trace the position of friends and ex-colleagues on-board of other ships, it also gives their own family members and peers clear insight in their ship's position.

The seamensway city guide is a premium instrument for every sailor onshore, a soul in need of specific seamen data, like: visa, training or medical centers, airports, hotels, cafes and much more. This site's functionality underlines the one-stop-ship principle of seamensway.

Among time zones and a clean cut currency converter there's more job related functionality available. Users of seamanway can easily find a seaman job opening, which will be supported by the tools at this part of the site.

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