Duration:  5 months
English level:  Good
Visa required:  -
Age:  limit till 65
Required experience:  -
Join date:  Oct 01, 15
Type of vessel:  Passenger/Cruise (Cruise Ship)
DWT:  -
Engine:  -
KWT:  -
Shipowner:  -
Nationality:  All

Длительность рейса: 5 months (+-1)
Регион работы: USA + other
Год постройки судна: 2014
Travel passport, Seaman's Book, Work Certificate/Diploma (+endorsement) Basic Safety (4 modules), Security Awareness, other available
JOB DESCRIPTION: WIPER - Cleaning of the engine room, Maintenance of the working area, General maintenance of the engine department, Assisting other personnel on the ship in various tasks; Work as a part of the watch team, Work with ordinary seamen aboard and assist them in various tasks.
A wiper’s responsibilities revolve around keeping the engine room and rest of the vessel well maintained. This is no easy task, But if a marine career is what you are interested in, wiper marine job would be the best way to get a firsthand experience of life on ships.
ENGLISH: mandatory (average/good level, Marlins test required)
EXPERIENCE: at least 1 previous contract/practice
Our agency DOESN'T work with intermediary/sub-agents!!!

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