Длительность:  6 мес.
Английский:  Хороший
Требуемая виза:  -
Возраст:  до 65
Опыт в должности:  -
Дата посадки:  Окт 01, 2015
Тип судна:  Passenger/Cruise (Cruise Ship)
DWT:  -
Двигатель:  -
KWT:  -
Судовладелец:  -
Национальность:  Любая

Длительность рейса: 6 months (+-1)
Регион работы: USA + other
Название судна: CARNIVAL
Год постройки судна: 2011
Travel passport, Seaman's Book, Work Certificate/Diploma (+endorsement) 1st Motorman, Basic Safety (4 modules), Security Awareness, other available
Job Description: DG MAINT (MOTORMAN) - Engine and Diesel Generator Overhauling, Concentrate on integrity of engines and motors, their working, repair and lubrication, Ensure that equipment remain in working order while maintaining their safety quotient, Look into ordering new machinery or replacing old ones, Ensure complete repair of all equipment at all times (Under guidance of engineers), Make sure the schedules are followed for timely completion of projects, Maintain proper logs of equipment and their current status
Train/help new crew, Maintain good two way communication with crew members, To keep equipment damage and loss at minimum level, Detect and rectify backlog areas in an equipment line with minimum time lag, Provide assistance to other crew members, in case of need, Work in special departments like mechanics, electrical engineering or power generation area of the vessel. Besides these, the overall status of condition of all onboard equipment is a responsibility that lies with a ship’s motorman. Knowing about their exact condition, need for repair or replacement or service is something you would need to take care of all the time.
Knowledge / Experience with Wartsila-Sulzer engines it's a great advantage!!
MOTORMAN "A" - 1.797 usd + Vac+Hol
MOTORMAN "B" - 2.349 usd + Vac+Hol
DG MAINT "A" - 2100 usd + Vac+Hol
DG MAINT "B" - 2400 usd + Vac+Hol
ENGLISH - good (3++) Marlins - 70% +
EXPERIENCE: shipboard (!) + similar land based (shipyards, etc) - min 5+ years
SKYPE INTERVIEW with company's representative (technical corporate managers) !!!
Our agency DOESN'T work with intermediary/sub-agents!!!

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