Длительность:  4 мес.
Английский:  Хороший
Требуемая виза:  -
Возраст:  до 65
Опыт в должности:  -
Дата посадки:  Мая 25, 2016
Тип судна:  Ro-Ro Cargo Ship (Ro-Pax)
DWT:  850
Двигатель:  B&W
KWT:  -
Судовладелец:  Tankship
Национальность:  Любая

Duration: 4+/-1
Preferred citizenship: Ukraine
Build year: 2010
Vessel flag: Malta
Crew onboard: mix crew
Sailing area: Malta - Sicily
Candidate will be required to carry out works ashore as well as on other company managed vessels. The initial contract will be given for a 4 month period however a more permanent contract will be offered should he prove himself to be competent. Seaman will be accommodated ashore and company will pay for the apartment and utility bills. Apartment will be shared and monthly salary will be inclusive of food allowance.

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