Длительность:  180 мес.
Английский:  Хороший
Требуемая виза:  -
Возраст:  до 50
Опыт в должности:  8 мес.
Дата посадки:  Мая 23, 2016
Тип судна:  FPSO
DWT:  100000
Двигатель:  -
KWT:  -
Судовладелец:  -
Национальность:  Любая

• Follow PTW system, rules, regulations and work procedures applicable to his responsibilities
• Responsible for handling and stowage chemicals in bulk
• Responsible for efficient 24 hours operation of CCR
• Ensure personnel qualifications are established and that each individual is given the opportunity of improvement through selective on the job training
• Ensure personnel executing any hazardous work are trained and informed of the work procedures
• Cargo spaces/cargo/ballast systems including pump room are well maintained and in good working order
• Cargo operations, tank cleaning, gas freeing are carried out in accordance with safe work procedures, in order to avoid hazards and pollution
• Cargo/ballast operations are carried out in accordance with safe work procedures, and DWT, draft, trim, hull stress restrictions are observed
• Sufficient personnel are available for HLO prior to arrival/departure of helicopter for readiness of the helicopter landing deck
• Prepare and deliver to all concerned parties export, storage, fiscal and off-loading reports.

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