Длительность:  6 мес.
Английский:  Хороший
Требуемая виза:  -
Возраст:  до 65
Опыт в должности:  -
Дата посадки:  Ноя 15, 2016
Тип судна:  Bulk Carrier (BULK CARRIER)
DWT:  75409
Двигатель:  B&W
KWT:  12200
Судовладелец:  Greece
Национальность:  Любая

Chief Engineer in START! BC/DWT 75409/12200 HP
We are looking for young, highly motivated persons with stable experience without bad references and good English,which are ready to go on board in position as 2nd Engineer!
And during the contract prove that they are ready to become Chief Engineer.
Please keep in mind, that promotion to Chief Eng. is possible only during the contract!
The Owner is interested in such individuals and ready to promote the proper candidates!
All 5 vessels are young, most of them were built in Japan. For example Kavo Alkyon.

The Salary for 2nd Eng. from 6100-6800 USD ( for very good candidate salary can be increased)!
Chief Engineer salary is 8500
Contract duration is 6 months.

Send your CV to email: cv@mia-crew.com

Please attached your seaman`s book (1st page, pages with experience) and references!
Please indicate your position on the subject. For example : Chief Engineer in Start
Продолжительность контракта: 6 month
Год постройки судна: 2005

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