Длительность:  4 мес.
Английский:  Хороший
Требуемая виза:  -
Возраст:  до 65
Опыт в должности:  -
Дата посадки:  Янв 21, 2016
Тип судна:  LNG Tanker (LNG Tanker)
DWT:  -
Двигатель:  -
KWT:  -
Судовладелец:  -
Национальность:  Любая

Длительность рейса: 4 months on/off
Регион работы: Dubai
6000 usd
- Non self-propelled LNG Container handling barge
- 3-4 months contract on/off
- Daylight operation only
- Accommodation and Lodging ashore
- Bi-weekly scheduled LNG Gas refuelling offshore at the supply vessel in-between regular port and shore refuelling operation to tug boats and shore trucks.
- Abilities to plan and carry out regular maintenance works on the Gas barge in line with the class requirements.
- Familiar with ex-proof equipment; Ballast water heeling system; SOLAS Firefighting and lifesaving Equipment systems; LNG cargo pumps; Power pack (86kW Caterpillar Engine & Alternator) Hydraulic mooring system; supporting/handling crane; Electronica monitoring and cargo scale and billing system.
- Seagoing experienced and seamanship skills required for mooring unmooring

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