News in brief 04/06/20

Prices for oil again went a bit down… Brent: 33,3$ (-2.4%)

Donald Trump is concerned about China’s influence on the United States
While the number of patients with coronavirus in the USA is growing rapidly, and New York – the economic capital of the country – has become the epicenter of the pandemic, China, as before the start of pandemic, continued its trade infusion into various countries. The US, as always, is one of the main interests for China, especially now, at the time of a decrease in production, and its complete halt in some industries. Trump suggests that even more Chinese goods will go into the country and local manufacturers will no longer be able to kick them out of the market.

Quarantine restrictions 😷 in French ports
French ports operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All vessels must provide port call information for the last 30 days: a list of ports, a list of crew members, passengers, and people who have joined the crew in the last 30 days, or from the beginning of the voyage. Crew sign off is prohibited. But in some ports and terminals this can be done, and sometimes it is necessary. Crew change for non-EU citizens is extremely difficult.

UAE resumed crew changes a bit😃
The UAE Federal Transport Authority reported that the cancelation of previous restrictions primarily applies to seafarers with a resident visa, who are staying onboard of anchored vessels, or the seafarer has health problems that are not related to the coronavirus, or those who must be signed off due to family reasons. The main condition: the vessel should not have anybody with Covid-19 onboard during the 14 days.
The same crew change attempts started in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Captain TIANJIN HIGHWAY found dead
On the TIANJIN HIGHWAY vessel (Panama flag), the body of a captain was found in his cabin by crew members and reported to the agent in Vietnam. The captain was 55 years old, Bulgarian nationality. The ship is a car carrier and sailed from Thailand to Vietnam. The reason of death is unknown.

Indian Railways were fully stopped since 1853 ! 😔
The pandemic had paused the Asia’s oldest rail network due to coronavirus pandemic. There are no free spaces in hospitals so the India goverenment decided to make hospital places in the wagons of trains. In two weeks they should prepare 5 thousand wagons. They will be sent to the cities with the biggest numbers of patients. In total, the authorities are ready to prepare 20k wagons. There are 4553 infected in India, 118 – have died

There are tooo high glut of produced oil on the Planet
Oil prices have extremely fell down during last few weeks. The reason for this is coronavirus pandemic and, as a consequence, a decrease of oil products consumption. But experts think that the main reason of law prices is the “Oil war” between Russia and UAE. Both countries produced “over 9000” barrels and there are nomore free space where to store produced oil except tankerswhich became now the main storage. Accordingly to conclusion by Marco Danand, the co-founder of Mercuria Energy Group, there are now about 250 million barrels of crude oil on tankers.

Indian government prohibited the export of medicines for the US
As per opinion of some Indian doctors, the hydroxychloroquine (reliable medicine against malaria) is an effective method of combating coronavirus. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, fully agrees with Indian doctors. During the briefing, the American leader asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to send ✈️ this medicine from India to treat patients in the US. But, due to unknown reasons, the Indian authorities prohibited the export of such drugs. The effectiveness of the drug is not confirmed, but in India, the drug is used by doctors who work with Covid-19 😷 patients.

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