NEWS IN BRIEF 04/05/20

Brent: 34,83$ (+16,33%)

Suez Canal cuts transit tariffs
From April 1 to June 30, the Suez Canal reduced transit tariffs. For gas carriers, the new tariff has become 5% cheaper. Also, each LPG goes to Cochin and ports located eastern than Singapore will have a 55% discount; if an LPG goes to Singapore – a 75% discount. All transit container ships departing from the ports of Northwest Europe (including Algeciras and Tangier) to the ports of Southeast Asia (including Kelang and to the east) will receive a 6% discount.

Near the Solomon Islands sank a ferry with passengers onboard
On April 3, at night, the TAIMAREHO (flag Solomon Islands) ferry, with 60 people on board, fell into a storm due to the “Harold” cyclone. The team sent a SOS signal, which received the marine rescue team. It contained information that several people fell overboard. Rescuers went to a supposed place – but unfortunately the ferry was not found. Since October 2019, AIS has been disabled on it.

Mail deliveries 📩 are at risk
Due to the cancellation of flights, mail from many countries and to many countries is not delivered. This time, “the USA, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, announced the cancellation of mail delivery” to 22 countries. The list includes Saudi Arabia, India, Peru, Panama, Libya, Sri Lanka and others.

The sailors escaped from the ship⛵️
On April 4, Taiwanese police detained 2 sailors who were trying to leave their ship in quarantine at the port of Kilung. Both sailors from Myanmar. The police took them back on board. This trend is happening around the world. The reason for such violations is stress, lack of information about relatives (for example, when the phone turned off for 2 days). For some, escape is the only chance in this situation.

Brent Oil Continues to Rise
Brent oil, in recent days ↗️ rises in price and its cost 💰 reaches 35 $. The reason – an oral agreement between Russia, the US and Saudi Arabia to reduce production to 10-14 million barrels per day. On April 6, a Web conference of the OPEC Plus energy ministers is planned. After it, it will be more clear what will happen to 💵 the price of oil in the nearest future.

There will be lots of deaths…. Trump had required US army to enter the New York
The US Department of Medicine predicts a large number of deaths from coronavirus😷 next week. This was stated at the conference by Donald Trump, he also added: “The troops are going to have a war, to the battle for which they are not ready.” New York is one of the main centers of the spread of coronavirus💊 in the country, so the authorities took such a step. The number of patients in the USA exceeded 312 thousand, 8.5 thousand died.😕

24,000 TEUs! The BIGGEST container in the world will be delivered very soon
We are talking about the container ship built by ️Hyundai Merchant Marine. At the moment, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering shipyards are carrying out final works, the completion of which is planned for the end of the month. The container ship will have a line between Asia and Northern Europe. Other similar vessels ⛵️ are planned for the end of September.

Quarantine in Egyptian ports
All ports of Egypt are open for ships and the Suez Canal works without interruption. The export and import movement, despite the closure of borders since March 19, continues. But in connection with closed airports – a change of crew is not possible. Landing in ports is temporarily prohibited. The port of Alexandria launched the mandatory fumigation of all incoming cargo. Other ports may also introduce the same procedure. From March 25, a curfew was started from 19-00 to 08-00 hours

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