NEWS IN BRIEF 04/04/20

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Dismissed U.S. Navy Captain Gets Hero’s Ovation from Crew
The captain of a U.S. aircraft carrier relieved of his command after seeking stronger measures in response to a coronavirus outbreak aboard his ship was given a hero’s ovation by his crew when he left the vessel, video posted on Twitter showed.

Twins borned in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh received unusual names reminiscent of a pandemic erupting in the world
The boy received the name Kovid, and the girl – the Corona: when the hospital staff began to call them by such names, the parents made their choice. Despite the fact that there are very negative associations with the pandemic around the world, the mother of children, 27-year-old Prity Verma, believes that there are positive aspects: the virus made people think about hygiene, focus on sanitation, and forced them to acquire good habits.

Tanker “Sun Flora” did not stop after a collision with a fish boat
The Sun Flora tanker, due to unknown reasons, ran into an 83-ton fishing boat. But he did not stop and continued to sail further along his route. The boat broke into 2 parts and sank. Fortunately, the sailros who were on the boat were not injured; another fishing vessel arrived in time for them. The incident happened in the Gulf of Thailand at night. Perhaps this was the cause of the incident.