NEWS IN BRIEF 04/03/20 21:00 (EET)

In Peru, men and women go out houses on different days.
Peruvian President Martin Wiscarra had took such law till April 12th. In particular, men are allowed to go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and women on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is the day when all citizens have to stay at home… In Peru, about 1.5 thousand patients, 47 died from coronavirus😷
Crew, who asked for protection 💊 from COVID-19, received threats ⛵️ from the shipowner in response
During loading at Bangladesh, Captain contacted Tomini Transports LLC and Western Bulk Carriers with a request 😕 to prevent unauthorized persons onboard and to provide the entire crew with protective 😷 equipment. Shipowner 🚢 reacted negatively and threatened the crew that they would lose their jobs

What is our reaction guys for such busters-shipowners???
right! only 👎👎👎

Car accident in Bulgaria – more than 20 cars crashed
Near the Bulgarian city of Harmanli, a car accident occurred. Almost all the cars that got into the accident are trucks that were accompanied by the police 🚔 There were 20 trucks, 2 cars 🚗 and one bus 🚌. The accident occurred due to the carelessness of one of the drivers, who failed the distance. Unfortunately, 2 drivers were killed (residents of Bulgaria and Turkey)

Libyan military trucks attacked by Turkish army
The war in Libya continues. Turkish drones had destroyed seven military trucks with ammunition and weapons, as well as more than 20 militants. The truck columns ⚠️ belonged to the gangs of Haftar.

COVID-19 pandemic. The latest news
The number of patients in Russia reached 4150 people (+600 people today), 34 died. In Ukraine about 950 people 😱 (+45 today), 23 died. The number of patients in the world is already about 1.1 million. About 56 thousand people died from the virus.The USA is the leader – about 13 thousand new patients during this day. Total number is 260k in the US.